Exhibitors 2020


This year is special and presents us all with new and great challenges.

The analog exhibition was planned for October at the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin. Due to the coronavirus, only selected museums, exhibitions and institutions of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin are currently open to the public.

Unfortunately, the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin won’t open until the end of the year. Further information

Despite extensive efforts and numerous discussions with other Berlin and German museums, we were unfortunately unable to find an adequate exhibition venue for 2020.

“The exhibition, as well as receiving an award, or being sponsored by an ambassador means both recognition and motivation. In addition, there is contact with an audience and visability to the press and the professional design field.”

Angelika Nollert, director of the Design Museum Munich


For this reason, the 2020 analog exhibition will only take place together with the coming year 2021.

The decision was made with a heavy heart, but we came to the conclusion that this is the only responsible solution. We hope for your understanding and will inform you about further news.

Exhibiting your own thesis in a large museum is an distinction that opens up numerous opportunities for starting your career and, from our point of view, it cannot be compensated for with a digital exhibition.


At least 3 projects were selected per university. Depending on the total number of works received per university or the level of work more exhibitors were nominated.

Once again this year, the exhibitors were selected by an interdisciplinary, renowned jury, each member from one of the GDG ambassador groups. In July, Nina Sieverding, Barbara Lersch, Dr. Angelika Nollert, Dick Spierenburg and Stephan Dornhofer selected the 2020 exhibitors from the large number of applicants.


On a short term all exhibitors will be honored with a detailed feature on our social media channels in September.


Nonetheless, all Awards & Supports for 2020 will again be selected by ambassadors from various fields from ALL of the submitted works this year. Matchmaking for this takes place digitally and individually at the end of September.


The winners are expected to be announced in a digital award ceremony on October 2nd and honored with extensive social media features throughout October.


Peatland Forensics / Leoni Fischer
Kulturkonfekt / Eileen Krüger
Other Sight / Maiella Di Donato
Datenhoheit / Vincent Timm
Warum zitterst du? / Bianca Asche
Cradle Light / Wanja David Biesecker

Form Dust / Nicole Dietz
Focus / Dario Jérome Dammé
Black Liquor /
Esther Kaya Stögerer & Jannis Kämpkens
Beak Shears / Dominic Eger Domingos
Kokon / Tobias Trautmann
Galop / Darius Zalzadeh
Lè / Lea Lüdtke
Ein positiver Fußabdruck / Ruth Firsching
Explosion / Silvio Rebholz
Soundful Tableware / Baoyi Li
Second Life / Jan Cafuk
Frisk / Mauro Bramma

Attach / Julia Ruchatz
Puma Basketball Accessories / Feng Dong
Anti-Amt / Marie-Theres Böhmker & Tina Henkel
Vorplatzgestaltung für einen Drogenkonsumraum /
Felix Egle & Felix Schreiber
Organisationsästhetik / Magnus Gburek
Dornröschenkuss / Till Magnus Maurer
Respiro / Martin Stegmaier
Strich Eins / Daniel Rese
2064 / Elena Blasquez
Mic / Florian Neubacher
Mitgefühlt / Mara Vöcking
Lost / Found / Lena Beigel
Aufklärung – ein Kinderspiel / Gesa Janßen
Reflex / Johanna Denecke
Beside Blood / Dani Nikitenko
Smart Medication / Kilian Frieling
Stehzeug Modu / Hansol Kim
Future of (influenza) immunization / Merle-Christin Leuschner
Mood Planet / Seulki Lee
Antikörper / Tobias Bihlmeyer & Ivo Erichsen
Ausklang / Klara Keseberg
Mattering / Amelie Graf
Kaeru / Tim Bader
Cornnie / Wen-Hsin Tu
Relics / Georgia von Le Fort
Baby Got Bag / Daniel Theis
Wassilo / Solène Jansem
Die unsichtbare Hand des Design / Sebastian Sittlinger
Liú Remain / Ran Mo