Darius Zalzadeh

Juni / June - 2020

Kunsthochschule Kassel



The appearance of the rocking horse ''GALOP'' is characterised by the sweeping lines of the frame and its extraordinarily simple and timeless form. The elegant curves of the bent tubular steel frame presents in its center, seemingly floating, the ergonomic and three-dimensionally shaped seat shell made out of moulded wood.

What is the Topic?

My final thesis was dedicated to the question, which possibilities additive manufacturing processes can offer in mould and tool making. The main focus was primarily on pressing veneers with the help of 3D-printed tools.

Why does it look like this?

The frame integrates the handle, the runners and the seat in a single piece of CNC bent tube. Due to the technically sophisticated production method, this frame does not require any bracing or stiffening, while at the same time using a minimum of material. The frame also allows independent ascent and descent and thus not only promotes the development of motor skills, coordination and balance, but also the independence of the child.

What is special?

Another distinctive feature of the rocking horse is the seat, which is pressed from moulded plywood and reminds one of a saddle. The seat surface, which merges smoothly into a curve, allows smaller children to sit further forward.

What is new?

The visual and haptic authenticity of the steel and wooden surfaces invite exploration and discovery, giving the children's furniture a feeling of quality and honesty. The minimalist and sustainable children's toy should even find its place outside the children's room to enhance the living space both creatively and playfully.