We are a platform that shows, discusses and supports the design approaches of recent graduates

Supported by: Design universities, Ambassadors, Sponsors
Initiated by: Ineke Hans (UDK Berlin), Hermann Weizenegger (FH Potsdam), Mark Braun (HBKsaar)
With special support from the research funds of HBK Saar and transfer office of the FH Potsdam

On the Graduates platform the various forms, which are created at German universities, get visible.

Registration for GDG 2022 starts on May 15.

GDG organizes an annual exhibition, that shows the attitude of today’s German design graduates to a broad and professional audience.

Ambassadors from the fields of culture, practice, press and presentation award Awards & Supports to the graduates, that will be announced in our awards ceremony during exhibition opening.

With Matchmaking Events we connect GDG graduates with representatives from culture and industry, which select outstanding young designers for individual mentoring and coaching programs.

GDG offers the opportunity to discuss new attitudes towards Design in Talk Programs.

GDG also networks universities and gives an overview over a range of german product design programs.

If you like to support us too please get in touch!


GDG is a non-commercial initiative. Every university that wants to enable its graduates to participate pays a participation fee. These funds are supplemented by generous support from institutions and companies and are used entirely to carry out the annual call for entries and exhibition.