FRSK1 – Eine Autarke Kühllösung für den Außenbereich

Mauro Bramma

Juli / July - 2019

Hochschule Hannover

Bachelor of Arts


The FRSK1 is a modern and very robust roll-top backpack, which can be used for everyday life as well as for leisure and touring. The lower part of the backpack is not only used for transport, it also cools down to 12° Celsius due to the effect of evaporative cooling. The addition of 500 ml of water in the zipper provided activates the function and enables cooling for up to 72 hours. In the upper part, in addition to the normal storage space, there is a padded compartment for laptops or tablets, which can be removed through a zipper on the back! With its total capacity of up to 60 l, which can be reduced to 32 l if necessary, it offers enough space for your things!

What is the Topic?

In this paper I would like to deal with how cooling could work and look like without electricity. There are some approaches to this, which I will try to transfer into a new context and create one or more self-sufficient cooling objects. The ancient principle of thermodynamic cooling describes cooling by evaporating water.

Why does it look like this?

The Rolltop Backpack has a modern and inconspicuous design, which differs from conventional backpacks of this type only by the use of a new material. I have worked specifically to ensure that the function of the product is not the main focus. On closer inspection, this will give the rucksack a significant design, but at first glance it will not stand out very much. The top of the backpack has the roll-up opening typical of a roll-top backpack. In order to close it depending on the filling level, the plug closure can be brought together at the top or, if the rucksack is not very full, it can be plugged into the plugs provided at the sides. By rolling it up beforehand, a watertight closure can be created that protects the contents of the backpack.

What is special?

A cooling effect is started by pouring about 600ml of water into the lower part of the rucksack and then spreading it out slightly. This lasts for 24 to 72 hours depending on use and can cool the interior down to 15 degrees.

What is new?

The backpack consists of two different areas. It has a normal storage space with a volume of approx. 45l when unrolled. This can be reduced to approx. 17 l. The cooling section of the rucksack has a volume of about 15 l and a surface area of about 0.2 m2, which is necessary for the evaporation of water. Together this results in a volume of up to 60 l.