Aufklärung – ein Kinderspiel

Gesa Janßen

Februar / February - 2020

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bachelor of Arts


Aufklärung – ein Kinderspiel* is a teaching material for sex education for primary school students. Representative for a whole series of material, the Körperkarten* make it easy to access the field of sex education on a holistic level. *original titel, could be translates as „Sex education – a piece of cake“ and „body maps“

What is the Topic?

Sexuality is certainly a major part of one’s personal development. I personally believe that children should get introduced to topics such as sexuality and adult sexuality by entering primary school. Unfortunately, there is a great deficiency or mere lack of age-appropriate material to introduce children to sexuality. Therefore, I was motivated to come up with a practical idea for a simple teaching material for teachers and children in primary schools. The set "Körperkarten" consists of three parts: physical diversity, communicating boundaries and naming body parts.

Why does it look like this?

As teaching material, the design of the set must match demands such as easy storage and transportation, self-explanatory usage and low-cost production. As a logical consequence, I decided to design the set’s look on the basis of a classic board game. All parts fit into a box that can be easily stored in any classroom. I also tried to focus on a simple yet child-oriented design. The teaching material claims to have an attractive design that does not only create curiosity but also clarifies the serious nature of the subject. The larger cards are perfect for working with whole classes as they can be used on white or blackboards. Working with smaller groups the small cards are your ideal choice.

What is special?

The link between design and communication should be emphasised. The questions I found most relevant during the design process were: What role does design play throughout the learning process? How can design support content? How can I, as a designer, improve the current situation? These questions in particular hold big potential for the development of school and teaching material. The set’s purpose is to enable an easy start into the topics of sex education and physical diversity for both children and grown-ups. It also aims to support overcoming the usual inhibitions. The cards invite both pupils and teachers to talk and to explore the subject in depth. Other materials can and should be added.

What is new?

Unfortunately good teaching material for sex education classes in primary schools is very hard to find. At this point in time, the playful approach and the holistic treatment of the topic is new and its form unique.