Magnus Gburek

Juli / July - 2019

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Master of Arts


An 11-week design placement in a large company in Hamburg.

What is the Topic?

Embedded or social design in the micro-society of a company. A design field research to investigate the possibilities of corporate cultural work.

Why does it look like this?

The three sub-projects are not results, but preliminary results of the exchange with the local staff. This has resulted in the following: 1. a data-driven company orchestra in which employees and customers participate. 2. an informal online gallery that makes secondary use of the existing digital infrastructure to present works of art by employees. 3. an in-house consulting approach, in which employees from different disciplines associate with each other on topics of their everyday work, in order to open up new perspectives on these topics.

What is special?

An experimental design practice for organizational development as an alternative to methods of 'potential unfolding and self-optimization' of employees. Its goals are the promotion of corporate cultural diversity and the initiation of interdisciplinary and cross-topic cooperation of employees in the context of short-term design projects. The focus is on the organization and the people within it, their ideas, skills and competencies.

What is new?

An approach to design in and on the organization, rather than for the company. It refers to concepts of 'applied art' from the early days of design history, as work on the conditions of work. Here design can have an impulse-giving, mediating and changing effect by using its specific ways of thinking and acting to design company locations, spaces and infrastructures. The role of the designer is that of an external consultant. His tasks are • the strengthening of critical perspectives on internal company issues, business and working models, and • support for development projects in an organisational context and • the creation of parallel structures for interest-driven employee engagement that does not have to serve operational purposes.