Till Magnus Maurer

Oktober / October - 2019

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



"WOKEN BY A KISS" is a portable device for personal data protection. The smart object intervenes in the communication between smart devices and encrypts data streams. The energy supply takes place through the movement of the product (like a mechanical watch).

What is the Topic?

The product "Sleeping Beauty Kiss" is divided into two main topics: For a few years now, design has been asking how smart products can be designed and what rules design must follow. If smart products are characterized by their complexity and changeability of function, known design principles no longer seem to apply. However, the fact that products can only come alive through their use and feed their energy from use, or that their mode of operation can be communicated quite analogously by darkening the surface are new approaches and contrary to omnipresent representatives of smart objects. Without constant charging , many other smart products become as useful as a stone. The "Megatrend" data security represents the second main topic of the draft. If data is already considered "the resource of the future", the origin of the data (the individual) must be protected.

Why does it look like this?

The ellipsoidal object consists of a coated, glass shell with a gold-plated swing pendulum inside. The smart modules are located in the swing pendulum. Due to their own weight, these form the unbalance for mechanical energy generation. Due to the movement of the user, the pendulum travels along a circular path and charges up. In order to maintain the visual transparency and to stage the valuable core of the product, the pendulum is not mounted in the middle, but on a circumferential ring. The materials glass and gold follow a clear recycling concept: the separable components inside create an incentive to separate valuable materials according to the life cycle / obsolescence of the product thanks to the high-quality materials. The round shape results from the way the pendulum works.

What is special?

The combination of analog and digital functionality as well as the translation of the functionality as a visible element on the surface represents a special feature. The device filters and exchanges data similar to a little game. The knowledge from the sum of the data is thus preserved, but the individual is protected. The assumption of possibly exchanged data alone creates a certain protection (placebo effect). The more intensive and longer the device works, the more circular paths the pendulum travels inside. The coated glass reacts with the revolving pendulum (small particles charge up and point towards the pendulum) - the surface darkens. The filter effect of the product becomes visible through the dark color like with a full sieve or an oil filter. The transparent object turns black.

What is new?

The examination of the "raw material of the future" as the content of a creative question. Smart products cannot be designed according to old design-rules. Smart products have to be coherent and meaningful in context with the user and each other. The approach of using discoloration of analog surfaces as a replacement for a display is just as provocative and new as the generation of energy from the use itself. The smart product is "kissed awake" by the user. Using high-quality materials as an incentive to recycle is also a radically new approach.