Daniel Rese

Mai / May - 2020

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



strich_eins is a modular guidance and security system for construction sites in the traffic area.

What is the Topic?

Construction sites tend to get in way of traffic and cause restrictions for road users. Because of often sudden and massive restrictions in the infrastructure construction sites cause great inconveniences for the affected, eventhough their purpose is the contrary. They are a neccessity to contain and improve streets, buildings and existing structures or to establish better structural concepts. Road construction is an important matter affecting all road users and is important for the safety of all participants in traffic. But why are these contruction sites so unpopular with the general population? In addition to the obvious reasons, such as the temporary restriction, which usually seems to stand in the way for the user abruptly and without warning, there are many factors that are not visible at first glance. My project deals with the visible and invisible factors of a road construction site, its information content and way of communication and its effects and impact on the affected road users and their needs. Mobility is determined through movement as an experience. Infrastructures form the basis for a well-functioning mobility network and must be designed accordingly. Multimodal mobility concepts, even if they are temporary, demand products that are equally comprehensible for all participants and support the traffic flow.

Why does it look like this?

The yellow guideline is the central theme in this design. Where as in traffic the color red is usually used to signal laws, bans and especially the gesture „stop“, yellow is more often used as a tool to guide the way and indicate temporary changes in traffic situations. The fence itself acquires its appearance through the demands held at it in connection with the sustainability requirements for the material and manufacturing process as well as the life cycle.

What is special?

The special thing about strich_eins is the different approach to the topic of securing construction sites. With strich_eins, the road users restricted by the construction site should be gently motivated to bypass the construction site in accordance with the guideline and the optional LED lighting. The aesthetic effect of the entire system also plays a major role, since it also has a positive effect on road users. In addition, the assembly and disassembly of a secured construction site with this system is significantly more efficient, since the system allows only four necessary types of installation due to the design of the supporting feet, so that the entire construction site is subject to a greater order.

What is new?

The use of the color yellow. The LED lighting can perform various functions, depending on whether it shows a path or blocks a path, it can shine yellow and red and additionally guide or warn road users by movement. The pressed and perforated aluminum sheet is less susceptible to wind and reduces the weight to the necessary minimum. In addition, there are beads in the lower area of the fence, which areused for stiffening, but are also arranged so that they simulate a guidance strip for the blind. The fence can be set up with either a digital or an analog foot module. The digital foot module offers storage space for the battery of the LED lighting and a GPS transmitter, with the help of which a construction site can independently transmit data about its location and the exact extent of the construction site to a mobility data market place for real-time traffic control. A wide variety of services, such as navigation apps, can handle the restriction more precisely and manage traffic more intelligently.