Supports 2019

Personalities and companies from the design world provide support to give young graduates and their projects a chance to get into production. They offer traineeships, coaching and mentoring programmes.

Images © Mirja Zentgraf

Laureate Changyang Yan, Andreas Maegerlein from BASF Designfabrik Laureate Christoph Tochtrop

Six-month work commitment
BASF designfabrik®

As part of a six-month commitment with a workplace in the newly built BASF Creation Center, BASF designfabrik® is sponsoring the Kick-Start to turn the concept into reality.

This includes material advice, component calculation and design, construction and selection of processors, as well as support in production and marketing.

Chosen were Changyang Yan mit Ze He, as well as Christoph Tochtrop mit Vinson.

Stephan Dornhofer from Magazin and laureate Niklas Böll

Three month Design Residency
MAGAZIN Product Development Office

As part of the GDG, MAGAZIN offers a selected designer the opportunity of a 3-month residency at the Berlin product development office in B-Part.

MAGAZIN offers an intensive insight into the market maturity of an M-product from the selection and the different steps of development up to the market launch. Through this participation in the team we impart knowledge of materials and their possible applications, insight into the process-related phases of product development from the sketch of an idea to the prototype as well as knowledge of implementation to market maturity.

Stephan Dornhofer (Managing Director Magazin) and the product development team selected Niklas Böll with his project Holz und Wasser.

Read more on what Niklas Böll and Stephan Dornhofer think about the support by MAGAZIN.

Laureate Anna-Lena Wolfrum with Gerhard Nüssler from Siemens Hausgeräte

One-year mentoring programme +
Three months paid work commitment
Bosch Siemens Group

As part of the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award 2016, Siemens has launched a mentoring program for the winners of the Siemens Design Award.

Gerhard Nüssler offers a one-year mentoring programme for a selected graduate of the German Design Graduates Programme in order to advise and support the graduate in his or her entry into professional life.

He also offers a 3-month paid internship in the design department of Siemens Hausgeräte.

Chosen was Anna-Lena Wolfrum with her project Hanako.

Nicola Stattmann announcing her candidates

Coaching for 2 Graduates
Nicola Stattmann from Stattmann Neue Möbel

For two graduates who submitted their final thesis to the GDG-archive in 2019 (it doesn’t have to be the exhibitors) I would like to take 2 hours each to talk to them about their project. 

This can be an input into material technology production as well as project implementation and marketing. I will individually choose the projects that I want to support from the archive.

Chosen were Johannes Rühle mit Camping / Nomadening, sowie Max Löw mit Companion. Both candidates were selected from the archive by Nicola Stattmann.

Six-month work commitment

As part of the GDG, Ableton offers an industrial designer a position in its hardware team in Berlin for a six-month paid work commitment.

Our Hardware Team is developing the next generation of Ableton products. As part of your internship, you will help the team understand problems and find solutions for creative musicians. For you, this is a chance to work on real projects and be involved in all steps of the design process from prototyping to final production.

Selected was Nicolai Thoma with his project Ecstasequence.

Laureate Moritz Aznan, Simon Frambach, Reinhard Pascher from Pascher + Heinz and Laureate Verena Hutter

Six-month work commitment

Within the framework of the GDG, Pascher+Heinz offers a selected designer the opportunity of a six-month internship in the Munich Pascher+Heinz Stadium.

On the opening day of the exhibition, Reinhard Pascher will select and announce a graduate for an internship or a junior design position.

Selected were Moritz Aznan mit Aerial Camera Controller, Simon Frambach mit Dynamic Folding Chair und Verena Hutter mit Moebius Speaker.

May-Britt Frank-Grosse from Dear Magazin with LaureateMarie Radke

DEAR Magazin

As a specialist medium, we are media partner and happy to support the initiative German Design Graduates 2019, with which aims to create public and specialist attention for graduates at German design colleges with an archive and an exhibition.

In addition, DEAR will award a prize for the extraordinary media presentation of a project. The prize is a detailed feature in DEAR Magazine.

Selected was Marie Radke mit Familie Hempel

Laureate Jonna Breitenhuber
Jasmin Jouhar

PR Coaching with
Jasmin Jouhar

Young design has been one of her favourite themes for many years. Jasmin Jouhar knows exactly how important it is for graduates to be able to present their work to a larger audience. She was therefore immediately enthusiastic about the German Design Graduates 2019 initiative and is pleased to be able to accompany the activities with publications in various media.

In addition, Jasmin Jouhar offers a PR coaching for an individually selected graduate.

Jasmin Jouhar selected Jonna Breitenhuber with Soapbottle for a personal PR-Coaching.