Niklas Böll Supported by MAGAZIN

Niklas Böll supported by MAGAZIN

As part of the GDG, MAGAZIN offers a selected designer the opportunity of a 3-month residency in the Berlin product development office in B-Part.

MAGAZIN offers an intensive insight into the market maturity of an M-product from the selection and the various steps of development to the market launch. Through this participation in the team, we impart knowledge of materials and their possible applications, insight into the process phases of product development from the sketch of an idea to the prototype, and knowledge of implementation to market maturity.

Niklas Böll with his project Holz und Wasser was selected in 2019.

Niklas Böll und Stephan Dornhofer im B-Part

Statement Niklas Böll

What are the benefits of the promotion/ cooperation?
The magazine support gives me a very precise insight into the procedures of product development and the design process in the development office.

And how do you assess the cooperation?
The cooperation with the magazine team is great. I pursue my own projects and I am fully involved in the daily routine.

What do you hope to gain from the promotion?
I think that I can get a lot out of this sponsorship, which has an impact on me as a designer and my career in the industry.

Stephan Dornhofer und Niklas Böll

Statement Stephan Dornhofer
Managing Director MAGAZIN

Where do you see the value of support for the graduate?
We see the cooperation for Niklas as a stop between studies and professional life. Niklas does not fill a clearly defined position here. He is involved in the choice of tasks and is given an open ear when he wants to address his own concerns. But of course we offer a different corset, different insights and a different accentuation than the university. We see the value for Niklas precisely in this: to get an insight and overview of the profession of designer.

What is the value of the support for MAGAZIN?
We also profit from the fresh view in the team. Niklas enriches our work talks and discussions. His thoughts are helpful and goal-oriented, his independent project work quickly bore its first fruits. We are therefore very happy to have Niklas in our group!

Why did you choose exactly this project?
Niklas’ final thesis has an aesthetic quality that aroused our interest. On closer inspection, we were finally impressed by the sensitive approach. The work radiates a creative will, but also attention, feeling, patience and curiosity for material and environment. We were convinced by the well-designed mixture of telling and listening.

Stephan Dornhofer about MAGAZIN
It all started with an idea that was revolutionary at the time. In 1971 we began to reuse products from the industrial and working world for the home and everyday life. The one had nothing to do with the other before and suddenly it was a matter of course to surround oneself with steel storage shelves and glass from the catering trade within one’s own four walls. This was not easy, because the markets were not transparent, the sources of supply were often hidden, the research was detective-like.

Today, we see our task in the exploration of the almost infinite supply. We take a close look, we make a selection and create a clear and reliable choice for you – fishing rods instead of trawls, so to speak. We present you products with a high utility value, in best quality, with high quality workmanship, made of proven or even new materials. In doing so, we like to deal with people whose attitude we know when producing these products. We move away from short-lived fashions, because what we find outside the well-worn buyer’s paths should accompany its users for many years. Many articles are only available in MAGAZIN and a large number of products are developed and produced by us in cooperation with designers and manufacturers – you can recognise them by the M.