Anna-Lena Wolfrum

Januar / January - 2019

Fachhochschule Potsdam


Hanako is a larder which offers best storage facilities for each needs of groceries and works as a central place in the kitchen. Inside it combines knowledge of traditional storing and todays technology like operation via app which also includes all important informations about groceries and it´s way of storing.

What is the Topic?

The project adresses the omnipresent issue of food waste. Because one third of the global production of groceries for human consumption get thrown into the garbage. Therefore, the amount of aliments disposed daily is alarmingly high. The reasons are varied. But at about 40%, the highest part is constituted by domestic use. In this connection one of the biggest disposal requirements are the incorrect storage and the consequent spoilage of food.  This circumstance inspired the idea of a novel larder offering best storage facilities for individual needs of groceries and which also facilitate the dealing with food for the user.

Why does it look like this?

The larder is designed for a small family and presents a central place for food. To support a fluent process while cooking it´s also used as a place of preparation comparable with a cooling table of gastronomy. The doors can be open with „Push to open“ for better inspection. Also the stainless steel containers can being taken for preparing. Inside the larder is separated in different climate zones which are also reflected through different designed doors to signal another function to the user. Furthermore the design is inspired by the japanese „Mizuya Dansu“ a traditional larder of Edo period.

What is special?

- Conventional refrigerators misleads consumer to random filling with groceries and offer only a bad overview of already exist content. But properly stored - food stays longer fresh. In most households usually just a few temperature levels are realizable. Pantry and storage cellar are optimal to store arid varieties but getting seldom because of thermal insulation and boiler rooms. This knowledge formed the basis of the draft. Inside, traditional storage based on inter alia humidity and temperature have now been transferred into todays technology. -Operating and configuration via app allows that the device is always in connection with the newest technology and can be permanently extended trough innovative updates. -Whole slide of the modules and the optional taking of the stainless steel containers allows a better inside. -The different set-up of cooling units ( inter alia under consideration of temperature distribution) enable the use as a place for preparation.

What is new?

It´s a novel larder which enable to store dry and to be cooled food together in one central place in the kitchen while it takes also all needs of groceries into consideration. Additional through the use of the worktop the place is transforming into a workbench of the private kitchen where everything is close at hand for supporting a flowing process while preparation.