Moebius Speaker

Verena Hutter

August / August - 2018

Kunsthochschule Kassel


Moebius Speaker is a loudspeaker made out of technical ceramic. Based on an acoustic principle which is implemented in additive manufacturing.

What is the Topic?

The Digital Transformation. How does a product of music playback looks like when there is no physical music medium anymore? The CD, for example, has significantly influenced the design of the CD player (CD compartment, buttons...) In times of Bluetooth, the physical music medium has disappeared - so what is the design based on now? My answer is: the geometry can now be entirely based on the sound quality. I came across acoustic principles - these are principles which are optimizing the sound only because of their geometry, this was the starting point for my diploma thesis.

Why does it look like this?

The loudspeaker is geometrically designed to optimize the sound completely. Two internal 'gears' amplify the sound many times over. Due to certain requirements of the sound curves, a closed, single-surface geometry is best suited. The geometry of the Moebius band is a result from the acoustic requirements.

What is special?

The geometry depends entirely on the function - to create the best possible sound experience. The acoustic principles, which have only existed in the acoustics craftsmanship, can now be produced on an industrial scale for the first time. Material and design can be perfectly coordinated by the manufacturing method.

What is new?

It is the first loudspeaker made out of technical ceramics. In a series of tests with Bang&Olufsen it was proven that the technical ceramic has extremely good acoustic properties. Another novelty is that the geometry is entirely based on the function and thus produces the best possible sound experience.