Christoph Tochtrop

April / April - 2018

Folkwang Universität der Künste


Vinson is a rotating device for the entire household. It consists of a drive, handle and control unit that electrically drives numerous tools. A device that makes its components available for many applications.

What is the Topic?

In my search for a more resource-friendly consumer & product culture, I came to the conclusion: "Products has the right of usage!" Followed by the discussion: How can you help products to be used more? Take, for example, the electronic products that are available in every household. We enjoy having them at hand when we need them, but rarely use some of them. Devices such as cordless screwdrivers or hand mixers support us in the same way from a technical point of view - with a twisting motion. These devices repeat a pattern: power source, controller, motor, gearbox & tool.

Why does it look like this?

The basic element is a handle that can be gripped pleasantly and powerfully in a variety of applications. If the handle - which contains the required switches - is combined with the battery, motor & one of two gearboxes, it becomes a driving & control unit that drives numerous tools. Vinson has no surfaces on which it can be placed wobbly: The round ends of the battery & handle give a secure placement, where the tool tip always projects slightly into the air. Vinson's design blends unobtrusively into the living environment.

What is special?

Vinson provides full functionality to lower resources overhead. Vinson's modular design makes it easy to extend functions and to repair without difficulty. It offers maximum autonomy in house and garden without disturbing cables. The simple design focuses on the functions. No decorative groove provides space for dust. After a single wipe, Vinson can switch from the hobby room to the kitchen. The appliance offers a motor with lots of power and not many motors at the power limits. Vinson combines comfort, utility and sustainability.

What is new?

Usual rotators are specialized experts for an explicit application. What is important in professional continuous use is often too much in private use. By sharing components between different product typologies, Vinson saves parts and resources. The battery, which would be available anyway, is also available here for devices that are usually wired, which brings new comfort: Like the hand blender, whose cable can no longer fall into the soup. Vinson is located in the household; his design wants to leave room and role models behind him. Conventional rotary appliances are assigned rooms in their appearance & sometimes reinforce gender stereotypes.