DFC – Dynamic Folding Chair

Simon Frambach

Januar / January - 2018

Kunsthochschule Kassel


Folding Chair

What is the Topic?

DFC creates a sense of flexibility and spontaneity for contemporary working environments. It complements open office structures with mixed use as it easily adapts to any task and surrounding.

Why does it look like this?

The tilting motion results from the interaction of the body with the mechanism – there are no springs or flexible parts involved. A linear glider made of a special polymer allows for a smooth and noiseless tilt. Instead of hiding away its function the chair visualizes every movement and demonstrates the interplay of mechanics while acting as an extension of the body.

What is special?

DFC features a unique tilting mechanism that dynamically adjusts with weight displacement. It encourages the body’s natural need to move freely by adapting to any posture and offers an enormous variety of sitting positions in one continuous motion.

What is new?

DFC can be considered as the world’s first folding chair that allows for active and dynamic sitting.