Jonna Breitenhuber

Oktober / October - 2018

Universität der Künste Berlin


SOAPBOTTLE is packaging made from soap. As the fluid content is being used, the soap packaging very gradually dissolves. When finished, remnants can be used again, as hand soap or processed into detergents. Soap is made of natural ingredients and is biodegradable: waste can be completely avoided.

What is the Topic?

Plastic pollutes our environment. Since 1994, the amount of plastic waste in Germany has more than doubled. Particularly problematic: For products that are used the shortest, the most durable materials are often used. Plastic bags are a prime example. But cosmetic packaging also ends up in the garbage after a few weeks: On average, we use 11 bottles of shower gel and 10 bottles of shampoo per year. Assuming that these are packed in plastic, this corresponds to 75,000 tons of plastic waste. So why is a product that is only used for a few weeks made from a material.

Why does it look like this?

The simple rectangular shape and the embossing of the SOAPBOTTLE are inspired by a traditional piece of curd soap. It’s cast in different layers of colour, which changes over time. This creates patina and the consumer experiences the process of dissolving. The SOAPBOTTLE can be opened by cutting the marked corner and can be closed with a reusable metal clip. By threading a cord through the hole, you can hang it safely in the shower.

What is special?

SOAPBOTTLE adopts the concept of packaging-free cosmetics by turning the product itself into packaging. Soap is made from natural materials and is biodegradable: waste can be completely avoided. Of course, "soap packaging" lacks some of the properties that consumers are used to from plastic packaging. It is not unbreakable, it is water-soluble, when used up, the surface becomes slippery in contact with water. These supposed disadvantages are used as design elements: The concept plays with the process of dissolving, with the transformation of the object and the individuality resulting from these aspects.

What is new?

Packaging for liquid body care products made from the material soap.