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Bachelor Industrial Design

Master Engineering Design

Master Interaction Design



Prof. Jan Bäse
Studienfachberater Master Engineering Design

Prof. Mathias Bertram
3D-Entwurf mit digitalen Medien

Prof. Steffi Hußlein
Interaction Design
Studienfachberaterin Master Interaction Design

Prof. Thies Krüger
Technisches Industriedesign

Prof. Marion Meyer

Prof. Bernhard Schmid-Wohlleber
Grundlagen der Gestaltung
Studienfachberater Bachelor Industrial Design

Prof. Dominik Schumacher
Interaction Design Technologies
Studienfachberater Master Interaction Design

Dipl. Designerin (FH) Cora Gebauer
Modellbau, Technologie


Dipl.-Des. Nikola Röthemeyer
Elementare Grundlehre

The Institute for Industrial Design at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences sees itself as an application and practice-oriented design school. Interdisciplinary solutions and design studies are created in close networking with the institutes of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. An above-average number of cooperations with industry prove the practical relevance of our education.

Bachelor Industrial Design

The aim of the study programme is to acquire design qualifications for the design of complex, technical products. Here students learn to develop industrial products in such a way that the modern technical possibilities can be optimally used through intuitive handling of the product.

Today, complex industrial products are developed in ever shorter periods of time and for very differentiated user expectations. Digital 3D design, visualisation and simulation tools are available for this purpose, as are techniques for rapid prototyping. For the development of logical use parallel to the physical product, well-trained, competent and team-minded industrial designers are more and more in demand. The training in Magdeburg has adapted to this.

Master Engineering Design

The degree programme is aimed at designers with technical skills and technicians with design skills. The Master’s degree is application-oriented and prepares students for jobs in technically oriented industrial design or in the development of technical products with design relevance.

The skills contribute to being able to successfully develop sustainable industrial products in a team.

Master Interaction Design

Interaction Design – studying in a socially and technically oriented way

In the Interaction Design Master’s degree, you develop technology-based solutions for social challenges and translate them into smart applications that matter because they keep tomorrow’s world livable and improve it instead of just making it pretty. Of course, interaction design is also about surfaces, but interaction design is anything but superficial. Interaction design is design with social added value that skilfully combines the sophisticated with the appealing, the social with the