Hochschule Darmstadt

The Design Department at the Hochschule Darmstadt is one of the most renowned and traditional design training centres in Germany. The history of the department dates back to 1907, when the artists’ colony established “Grand Ducal Teaching Studios for Applied Art” on Darmstadt’s Mathildenhöhe.

The department still trains designers who work in internationally renowned companies and design agencies after graduation. Around 500 students and 18 full-time professors study and teach in the Industrial Design and Communication Design programmes. In addition to the classical basic studies, the project-oriented main studies focus on the development of design thinking and authentic design expression.

Industrial Design course

We demand design excellence and holistic judgement and planning. Responsible design here strives for aesthetically convincing and high-quality products that are usable and sustainable. In addition to products and product systems for everyday life, leisure and sport, the focus of design in industrial design is on topics such as disaster and emergency, digital products and UX, health, mobility, service design and business design.