Opening & Award Ceremony 2019

The opening of the GDG exhibition on 10.10.2019 in the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin with more than 600 guests coincided with the opening of the Berlin Design Week.

Images © Mirja Zentgraf

The initiators Prof. Ineke Hans, Prof. Hermann Weizenegger and Prof. Mark Braun and the host of the exhibition, curator Dr. Claudia Banz, gave the numerous guests from universities, culture and industry an insight into the development process of the German Design Graduates Initiative.

Moderator Lukas Verwej led through the evening.

Prof. Ineke Hans, Prof. Hermann Weizenegger, Prof. Mark Braun with Moderator Lukas Verwej
Dr. Claudia Banz with Moderator Lukas Verwej

Award ceremony

During the festive awards ceremony, more than 20 awards and green cards were awarded by ambassadors from the four areas of design culture, design practice, design press and design presentation.


In 2019, two cash prizes were awarded: the GDG Culture Prize worth 2000 euros and the Social Design Prize worth 500 euros.

GDG Culture Prize

The three cultural ambassadors Tulga Beyerle, Dr. Claudia Banz and Dr. Angelika Nollert award the GDG Culture Prize, which is endowed with 2000 Euro.

Christoph Tochtrop and his project Vinson received this award in 2019.

GDG Social Design Prize

In 2019, the Hans Sauer Foundation sponsored the Social Design Prize worth 500 euros.

Barbara Lersch from the Hans Sauer Foundation, together with Alexander Römer from Construct Lab, selected Stephanie Hobmeier with her work ‘Die Zukunft war früher auch besser‘.


Well-known representatives from culture and industry awarded individual supports in the form of Green Cards for exhibition opportunities, coaching & mentoring and paid work commitments.

Praxisbotschafter: Stephan Dornhofer, Gerhard Nüssler und im Vordergrund Andreas Maegerlein
Praxis-Botschafter Reinhard Pascher testet ein Exponat

Part of the Ambassadors 2019 were Nicolette Naumann from Ambiente, Dick Spierenburg von from IMM, Lutz Dietzold from German Design Council, Andreas Maegerlein from BASF Designfabrik and Stefan Dornhofer from MAGAZIN.

The full list of ambassadors and their individual supports you can see here.

Lutz Dietzold, Managing Director German Design council
Laureate Shanmei Yao
Laureate Anna-Lena Wolfrum

After Show Party

The After Show Party gave a lot of opportunity for exchange and celebration. We are happy about a successful evening with great people.