Supports 2020

6 Scholarships Summer School 2021 „Design & Democracy“
Design Campus

In 2021, the newly founded Design Campus will award six scholarships for workshops of the summer school.

The Design Campus is the R+D platform of the Kunstgewerbemuseum as part of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden at Pillnitz Palace & Park. It is a curatorial-driven, interdisciplinary, and future-oriented Think Tank to rethink the world’s biggest questions through design practices and culture. Each year, as part of its six-week summer school program, the Design Campus offers a series of one week-long workshops led by world-renowned creative professionals. The „School of Utopias“ is open to anyone with an inquisitive mind and a burning desire to change the world through design.

Project Realisation + Workshop
BASF designfabrik®

BASF designfabrik® offers a one-week materials workshop for selected graduates, including board and lodging in the Creation Center, where they have the opportunity to carry out tests in laboratories and exchange ideas with materials developers. Depending on the direction of the material in question, BASF designfabrik® would put together a program that would include everything the ambitious material developer* could wish for, from a laboratory day to a production tour to an application workshop.

Georgia von le Fort

UdK Berlin

Three-Month Designresidency
Product development office

As part of the GDG, MAGAZIN offers a selected designer the opportunity of a 3-month residency in the Berlin product development office in the B-Part. Stephan Dornhofer (Managing Director Magazin) and the product development team will select and announce a graduate for the residency.

MAGAZIN offers an intensive insight into the market maturity of an M-product from the selection and the different steps of development to the market launch. Through this participation in the team, we impart knowledge of materials and their possible applications, insight into the process-related phases of product development from the sketch of an idea to the prototype as well as knowledge of the implementation of the product until it is ready for the market.

One year Mentoring-Programm
Gerhard Nüssler

In 2020 Gerhard Nüssler (former head of global design siemens and senior industrial designer) offers a one-year mentoring programme for a selected graduate of the German Design Graduates Programme to advise and support the graduate in his/her entry into professional life.

The advice may include, for example, the strategic orientation and marketability of the product.

Two-day workshop

Within the framework of the GDG, we offer suitable graduates the opportunity to participate in our 2-day workshop with experts from industry, research and teaching. In addition to feedback on the project, participants in the workshop discuss various aspects of setting up a company and learn about common business methodologies. The workshop is one of the highlights of our application programme and is regarded as the final step to a scholarship.

The DesignFarmBerlin- Design-in-tech Accelerator awards a 9-month scholarship for start-ups in the design sector.

If successful, the suitable candidate (or team) will receive a nine-month start-up grant of 1500€ (monthly).

To date DesignFarmBerlin has successfully supported 39 start-ups.

Projekt – Coaching

For two graduates who submitted their thesis to the GDG archive in 2020 (it does not have to be the exhibitors), LÄUFER & KEICHEL offer a specific project coaching which helps to develop the concept.

This can be an input into the topics of material technology production as well as project implementation and marketing.

Georgia von le Fort

UdK Berlin

PR – Coaching
Jasmin Jouhar

Young design has been one of Jasmin Jouhar’s favourite themes for many years. So she knows exactly how important it is for graduates to be able to present their work to a larger audience.

Jasmin Jouhar supports with individual PR coaching: How to do press work? Which topics suit which media? And what interests journalists anyway? For young graduates
internally, these are important questions, Jasmin Jouhar advises on the media visibility.

Gründer – Coaching
Anna Badur / Daniel Lorch

Successful self-sufficiant Berlin designers Anna Badur and Daniel Lorch offer to coach two graduates who want to work as independent designers in the future. They share their knowledge about what is important when starting their own business – beyond the stereotypical advice on marketing strategies and business plans.

The aim is to provide a look behind the scenes of independent designers to insprire and motivate young graduates who like to take the step to build up their own studio.

Baunetz interior|design

As a media partner, we are very pleased to support the German Design Graduates initiative. With an archive and an exhibition, it makes an important contribution to creating more public and professional attention for female graduates of German design colleges. Media visibility is of great importance for young female graduates.

We therefore support our prizewinner with a detailed article on Baunetz interior | design, for more public and professional attention.

Stilwerk Magazin

As design platform the promotion of the next generation of design talents is integral part of the stilwerk DNA. Therefore, we dedicate in the upcoming issue of the stilwerk magazine a detailed feature to selected design graduates. The focus will be on theses that are particularly sustainable and innovative. This feature will also appear on the digital channels by stilwerk

stilwerk magazine – A magazine about exceptional people, visionary design and special places. The magazine, which is roughly 100 pages in length, appears twice a year and brings together the best of design, interior, culture, lifestyle and architecture. It is bold, innovative and surprising. It sums up the multifaceted cosmos with which stilwerk keeps on inspiring its customers ever since its foundation in 1996.