Milan Siegers

Oktober / October - 2019

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


SpinCuisine is an ice cream factory in which a new type of ice cream is produced by centrifugal casting.

What is the Topic?

In the project, centrifugation is experimentally investigated as a method of shaping. In order to make the resulting experiences perceptible with as many senses as possible, a new ice making method was developed.

Why does it look like this?

The ice is almost paraboloidal in its basic form. Due to this shape, the couverture forms a homogeneous wall thickness during centrifugal casting. Due to the three-dimensional corrugated surface, interesting dynamics are created during the casting process, whereby the different layers of the ice interlock.

What is special?

The consumption of ice cream as a leisure activity is subject to a dramaturgy that does not begin with eating. The enjoyment here begins with the production, which follows ASMR principles and playfully demonstrates the design potential of centrifugal force.

What is new?

Layer-based ice concepts, as often found in industrially produced stick ice, are in most cases built up by extrusion and immersion. This results in a physically determined framework within which these types of ice move. Spun ice cream follows principles that allow new forms and flavour combinations.