Outdoor Living

Maximilian Müller

September / September - 2019

Kunsthochschule Kassel



Outdoor Living is a seating family for outdoor use. Through its modular nature, diverse seating typologies can be created to transfer learning and working environments outdoors.

What is the Topic?

The concept of the Outdoor Living family is to provide a self-sufficient furniture solution for outdoor working and learning environments. This supports our increasingly mobile working models and lets us benefit from the positive effects of spending time in outdoor spaces. However, especially now that the practice of social distancing is increasingly presenting schools, universities and companies with spatial problems, it is becoming clear that self-sufficient and flexible furniture offers solutions for different situations.

Why does it look like this?

The skid-based structure is the centerpiece of the furniture family. Combined with seat, backrest and tray a wide variety of seating typologies can be created. The skids fulfill two main purposes. They are easy on green areas and prevent sinking in on wet ground. Furthermore, they allow to secure the pieces without compromising comfort. Fitted with the swiveling tray the chairs and stools serve as mobile workstations. The different configurations are stackable up to four pieces to allow flexible use of open spaces and compact storage.

What is special?

While the majority of outdoor furniture is designed for leisure activities only, technological and lifestyle trends point to a wider range of uses. The Outdoor Living family is designed as a flexible solution for outdoor workplaces. It responds to the trend of new work as well as to progressive teaching models. Allowing existing outdoor spaces of educational institutions and companies to be transformed into agile working environments.

What is new?

The Outdoor Living seating family is probably the first furniture solution that was primarily designed for outdoor workplaces. Thanks to the swiveling tray, the various configurations serve as mobile workstations and more static furniture, such as worktables, can be dispensed with.