System zur Liegend-Haarwäsche immobiler Menschen / Hair washing for immobile people in a lying position

Helena Kiefer

März / March - 2022

Hochschule Darmstadt



Vaask is a system for washing the hair of immobile people in a lying position. It gives relief to caregivers and respects the needs of the person in care. People affected by immobility are not able to wash their hair alone. But hair washing is part of the hygienic routine. Moreover, it can contribute to a better mental health and help to accelerate the recovery process. Vaask is characterized by wide applicability in hospitals, nursing homes and home care. In contact with caregivers and people affected by immobility, user-centered design and social sustainability played a major role in designing the process. The system created, consists of a trolley with integrated water tanks, as well as the removable hair wash basin. The basin is partly made of silicone, which is transformable and adapts ergonomically the patients neck. In terms of sustainability, Vaask is easy to maintain and components can be replaced. The shape and colour have a mood brightening effect in the clinical environment.