Shaping Appetite Behaviour Consciously and in a Healthy, Effective Way Through Emotional Embodiment

Sera Kathrin Oventrop

Februar / February - 2023

Hochschule Darmstadt


“Sense” is a concept for digital healthcare to treat prediabetes by regulating hunger and satiety. Sense helps teach how to distinguish between appetite and hunger by strengthening emotional differentiation. By consciously addressing the motivators of eating behaviours, Sense helps identify, regulate, and document appetite behaviour. In essence, Sense provides for the successive development of a psychosomatic field that, as a reflection of the patient's inner and outer world of experience, spans the canvas for individual appetite behaviour. At the same time, Sense links perception with action, keeps the memory alive of consciously experienced situations, stimuli and emotions. Sense creates two points of encounter: one for the inner dialogue of patients, another for the relationship between doctor and patient. Sense continuously asks the question: What in you is actually hungry?