Playfully Discover the Environment

Insa Decker

Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule Darmstadt



The connection to nature is being lost more and more, it no longer plays a role in our everyday lives. But, spending time in nature helps to be more serene. Moreover when we see the beauty of nature, it can make us realize its importance.   The hybrid game system Ponto supports the perception of nature. The combination of analogue games and outdoor experiences arouses interest in nature. It enables a positive approach to the issues of climate change and the extinction of species. Ponto shows us how easy it is to understand nature and how much it gives back to us when we protect it. Discovering different ecosystems is fun. Children and youths learn to better understand the planet. At home, they can learn about foreign worlds with analog games. Nearby nature becomes an unprecedented experience with the integrated compass, GPS and other exciting information. Through the integrated compass, GPS and further exciting information, nearby nature becomes an unprecedented experience.