Every year, GDG organizes an exhibition, clustered according to design-relevant topics.

Exhibition 2019
Exhibition 2020/2021
Exhibition 2022
Exhibition 2023

On display are the best bachelor, master and diploma graduates from the most renowned German art academies in the field of product and industrial design.

Exhibitors 2019
Exhibitors 2020
Exhibitors 2021
Exhibitors 2022
Exhibitors 2023

The exhibitors are selected by an exclusive jury.

Jury 2019
Jury 2020
Jury 2021
Jury 2022
Jury 2023

Ambassadors from culture and industry select graduates for individual awards & supports.

Awards & Supports

The exhibition opening is accompanied by a series of talks and discussions.

Design Talks 2019
Design Talks 2020 / 2021
Design Talks 2022
Design Talks 2023