Development of a Seeder for Syntropic Agriculture

An Alternative to Conventional Agriculture

Lukas Leppich


Oktober / October - 2022

Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal

Bachelor of Arts


Conventional agriculture is facing diverse challenges. The consequences of climate change clearly indicate that it is time to reconsider traditional practices and explore more environmentally friendly alternatives. One potential solution could be syntropic agriculture. The regenerative system uses climate and biodiversity friendly, sustainable cultivation techniques, and was shaped by the pioneer Ernst Götsch, who has been studying nature’s reaction to the cultivation of land since the early 1980s as a farmer and a researcher. Over the course of my bachelor's thesis I collaborated with the company Syntropic to develop a seed drill specifically tailored to the unique requirements of this innovative agricultural concept. Through this project, my goal is to contribute to shaping the future of agriculture and create a perspective that fundamentally transforms the way we produce food and interact with our environment.