Forest Fire Fighting Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarm

Simon Annäus Bruhns

Dezember / December - 2022

Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal

Master of Arts


“Rainpiper” is an autonomous drone swarm that helps to fight forest fires. When Rainpiper is called out on a mission, one or more Rainpiper platforms transport the folded drones to the base of operations. Each platform can transport up to 40 drones. From the platform, the drones can take off in succession and fly the last few kilometres to the active fire front. Each hydrogen-powered drone has a flight time of up to eight minutes. After spraying their extinguishing agent over the forest fire, the drone returns to the platform for refilling. The extinguishing agent and hydrogen tanks are filled within one minute and the drone can take off for the next flight. This cycle repeats for all drones until the fire is extinguished or the mission goal is achieved. This ensures a continuous flow of water around the clock, even in poor visibility and bad weather.