Interventional Magnetic Resonance Scanner

Design Study of an MR-Scanner for Percutaneous Interventions

Michel Pieczynski

Forschungscampus STIMULATE / Research Campus STIMULATE

September / September - 2022

Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal

Master of Arts


My master thesis was about designing a dedicated magnetic resonance tomograph for image-guided, minimally invasive tumour treatment. The aim was to improve patient access from the interventionalist's point of view, simplify patient transfer and improve monitor positions. The challenge was to eliminate current disadvantages due to the exclusive use of existing diagnostic equipment. By rearranging the required coils, a new device layout was designed. That made it possible to increase access to the patient by 360°, whereby the patient is transferred by an autonomously acting transfer device. The design study was able to make handling the device more ergonomic, improve cable management, and achieve san accelerated workflow with less personnel required.