Innovative Cleaning Robot for Steel Walls

Capital Goods Design

Marcel Kroek
Rawad Gebreen


November / November - 2022

Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal

Master of Arts


In industry, trade, and shipbuilding in particular, iron and steel parts and walls are often used. In order to prevent corrosion and its negative consequences, the elements in question must be cleaned regularly. High-pressure water steel technology has become widely established as a method to treat corrosion. In collaboration with the company Aquadraulic, a powerful cleaning system was developed for steel walls in particular. The result is a flexible cleaning robot that combines all its components into the smallest possible space and forms a mobile unit. On site, the system unfolds to form two elements: the cleaning module, which can travel along the steel wall by means of a magnetic trolley, and a supply module, which remains on the ground and supplies the cleaning module with energy from a supply line, enabling it to generate a high-pressure jet.