Wurm Werkstatt – Ein Spielsystem zur Entwicklung der Feinmotorik und Kreativität von Kindern

Katharina Bellinger

Oktober / October - 2018

Universität der Künste Berlin


Wurm Werkstatt is a construction toy with which children experience the relationship between object and space and are encouraged to develop their own ideas, both cognitive and motor skills. Life-sized tactile, soft perforated holeplates can be assembled into abstract and concrete objects with worm-like connectors - from insects to car.

What is the Topic?

In order for the growing human being to be up to the challenges of the future, free creativity is necessary in order to be able to act individually. Toys that exclude any association will have a hard time triggering this change. Wurm Werkstatt therefore offers free space for imagination and encourages children to develop their own ideas creatively. A construction toy that oscillates between educational and entertaining functions. Another goal of Wurm Werkstatt is to position itself with a gender-neutral aesthetic on the toymarket, which is characterized by gender segregation, and to speak out against the stereotyping of toys.

Why does it look like this?

Since user tests with children were conducted from the beginning and interaction with the first prototypes was observed and proactively participated in the development, Wurm Werkstatt is what it is today. During the development the clear form language was decisive. In addition, Wurm Werkstatt wants to differentiate itself from all the licensed and gender-specific toys on the market and create something that gives children more freedom to build life-size things out of their imagination. With the help of a participatory approach, Wurm Werkstatt is a construction toy designed not only for but also with children in mind.

What is special?

With Wurm Werkstatt creative buildings of different complexity and life size can be created. Creativity, fine motor skills, skill and spatial imagination are thus actively influenced. In addition, Wurm Werkstatt not only radiates a modern, colourful design with a gender-neutral aesthetic, but also combines the most valuable learning content: free development, maximum play instinct and limitless creative power. Every time children play with Wurm Werkstatt they invent new creations and find new ways to interact with the toy. The hardness of the material is such that the children cannot injure themselves and the toy is easy to clean. Furthermore, it can be used both indoors and outdoors and is also suitable as a water toy.

What is new?

Wurm Werkstatt is a new construction toy that can be used for as many years as possible due to its many play variants - a toy that grows with the child and offers endless construction possibilities. In addition, great importance was attached to children's rights and the philosophy that every child in the world should have access to free, unlimited play. Imperfect perfect - The type of connection with worm-like connectors does not require impeccable assembly, building instructions are not necessarily required. The unobtrusive yet appealing, child-friendly design of the toy can be integrated into any home or Kindergarten.