Frauke Zoë Taplik

April / April - 2018

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach


Wasserläufer is a quick and easy inflatable boat for nature lovers. Wether hiking on hidden paths or paddling on a wide river, Wasserläufer is perfect travel companion for everyone who likes to discover its own routes. The open air chamber design makes it possible to quickly scoop up air.

What is the Topic?

Often traveling is about the way we travel. Especially when hiking part of the way can be about crossing water or even following a river. But in order to do so you will need to bring a boat. On the trip you might face some phases where it is necessary to carry the boat across land and this is not always a pleasure. If you decide to use an inflatable boat for better transportation you might end up carrying additional tools like a pump. Giving a solution to this unpleasant efforts was the starting point to the design process.

Why does it look like this?

Focus of the designprozess was to create a fully functional boat that is small, light weight and easy to setup. While hiking, the boat can be packed into the size of a 2l water bottle and fits into any conventional backpack. With 1.2kg in total weight it is easily carried even along larger distances. The open air chamber design makes it possible to quickly scoop up air. Equipment and additional luggage can be strapped to the ribbons around the boat, as well as an additional backrest. Equally colored parts give guidance during the short assembly process.

What is special?

Unlike conventional inflatable boats Wasserläufer can be filled with air with its innovative inflation mechanism. The air chambers are open to one side and are filled with a simple waving motion to capture the air, then sealed by rolling up the supplemental fabric. Through two additional valves the air pressure can be regulated while on the water. To ensure security the boat is divided into two air chambers.

What is new?

As far as known is Wasserläufer the first rubber boat designed for traveling on various terrains that uses this mechanism to quickly inflate the boat with air.