Lea Huch

Oktober / October - 2018

Universität der Künste Berlin


ISSO is a range of edible bowls, jars and utensils made from dried fruit and vegetable puree, which are dried in plaster moulds using a drying oven. The ingredients are preserved. The result is a dried fruit leather that is eaten directly with the food.

What is the Topic?

ISSO encourages consumers to engage with healthy and sustainable nutrition without warning. It offers a new, playful way of dealing with their food and eating culture. There is hardly a more sustainable way to enjoy eating on the go. You can convince any skeptic by touching, trying and tasting. Classic plastic tableware is out of all proportion to its benefits. For example, a fork made of polystyrene is only in use for a short time and then stays on this earth for many years until it has decomposed, because only a fraction of the plastic produced is recycled.

Why does it look like this?

Previous shape studies have shown that a shape of utensils reminiscent of spoons is advantageous. The spoon served as an inspiration, as this utensil can be found in almost all cultures, and it can also easily transport the most varied foods. The result was a product family based on spherical sections. Part of the product family are bowls, which consist of several ball sections, which are intersected with each other and likewise those, which consist of a combination of a ball section and a cylinder, as well as further variants. The different sizes of the plates are due to different

What is special?

ISSO is available in various designs and sizes. The taste component of the bowls is just as important as their shape. ISSO is both the physical carrier of the food and the taste component of the composition. The currywurst could be served in a bowl of dried curry ketchup instead of on disposable dishes. Eating is done by hand, the surface of the bowl is powdered by the plaster mould and does not stick. You simply bite the sausage off piece by piece together with the ketchup mould. Another example is the paper muffin cups, which are used in private households or bakeries. They would be replaced with fruit muffin moulds. These would be filled and baked in the same way as their paper predecessors. Instead of removing them before consumption, they are simply eaten together. The best part is that there is no waste.

What is new?

To eat with food, i.e. to eat with one's hands without eating with one's hands. This means that you make the bowls a part of the ceremony and eat them with the food - so nothing remains after the meal. It is an alternative to popular disposable tableware, but also a tasty alternative to existing edible alternatives, which unfortunately often end up in the bin because they are not tasty. Because ISSO is a taste component of food, you cannot eat it separately from each other and are therefore not tempted to dispose of the dishes in the first place.