Virtuelle Welten / Virtual Worlds

Entwicklung einer interaktiven Mixed Reality Ausstellung / Development of an interactive mixed reality exhibition

Jannes Lüdtke
Abdalla Lüdtke

April / April - 2022

Kunsthochschule Kassel



Virtual Worlds is an augmented reality exhibition space for iOS and Android devices. The standalone app was developed with Unity 3D and aims at evolving a concept to grasp an understanding of the virtual as a potential common space for exhibiting and experiencing both virtual and physical art. It probes the virtual realm for new possibilites of experiencing and witnessing virtually realized imaginations and it tries to open up new ways of meaningful interaction in a possible metaverse, that persists through multiple realities. Visitors of the exhibition shown in the app can interact with the exhibited object and change its apearence through their presence in the physical and virtual space of the exhibition. Every interaction is syncronized in realtime between connected devices. The result is a sense of coprensence in the virtual space, where every participant influences the experience of the exhibition itself.