spiel formen

Robin Kuhnle

Oktober / October - 2018

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart


A series of two fundamentally different objects and concepts that deal with the subject of games on the basis of a well-founded theoretical work and examine the influences of digitalisation on them. One concept deals with a basic understanding of digitality and the other with our expectations towards it.

What is the Topic?

In the first step, the theoretical work is dedicated to the game. In the second step, the digitization is illuminated and what effects it has on the game. In the third step, these learnings are processed and combined into two concepts. Coding Coach is an analog coding game, in which puzzles, which increase in complexity during the course of the game, provide an introduction to the systematics of the digital world. Sphere VR is a critical examination of VR-Headsets and our expectations of digitality. It is a game with an alternative approach to the representation of digital content.

Why does it look like this?

The two concepts are based on Roger Caillois game theory. He distinguishes between two types of playing, the regulated game "ludus" and the instinctive game "paidia". The concepts are located in this complimentary field of tension. Coding Coach has ludic character. The coding follows rules, which can be used freely. Therefore, the coding cards of the game are puzzle pieces (ludus) and the tasks free (paidia). Sphere VR has paidic character. The VR-Headset becomes a complete mask, an exaggerated head. It exaggerates our expectations of the digital world and leads the player into an instinctive behaviour during the game.

What is special?

CodingCoach: The focus is the combination of analog and digital in the solution of puzzles, the use of code and the coding process. The systematic structure of codes (digital content) is learned over levels with different difficulties. The learning process is supported by analogous puzzling of coding cards. In addition, the tasks are free and always deal with an analog topic. This results in an understanding of the inseparability of analog and digital. SphereVR is an exaggeration of the masking effect of VR-Headsets. Instead of the glasses the wearer/player with his own behavior is placed in the center. The imagination of the player is the games main component. By reacting to the player, the observer becomes an unsuspecting part of the game. This inevitably results in an image of how the game will look like. If the viewer becomes the player he is influenced by these pictures.

What is new?

Coding Coach: The analog/tactile coding process combined with analog puzzles are new as an overall concept. Commands in the code are explained in small parts via a level increase. The game deals with different ways of learning. Coding is not only used but understood. Sphere VR: In the headset, the player does not encounter a digital game, but a request to imagine his own game. In there the player can see himself and the reactions of the observers, through which they interact. The game develops from the players creativity and the interaction with the observer. It is designed for museums.