IKONA Hybridkamera

Jan Zinnenlauf

Januar / January - 2019

Hochschule Hannover


The IKONA camera is a hybrid camera that can take both analog and digital photos.

What is the Topic?

The possibilities to shoot a high-quality photo are basically always given. With smaller and more powerful cameras and smartphones, we have powerful tools in our hands to capture every moment. However, this also changes the way we take photos and look at them. In recent years, a change has manifested itself in the way we use photography: a large number of images can be captured digitally in a matter of seconds and then edited afterwards with the help of photo editing software. The profession of taking a photo is been overshadowed. This is where the IKONA camera comes in.

Why does it look like this?

The design of the IKONA camera is a reinterpretation of old analog cameras. The development focus was on a stand-alone form which, unlike today's retro cameras, does not pick up an old housing form and equip it with new technology. Nevertheless, the design should reflect the character and the touch of analog cameras. The Core Shell Design shows the interplay between analog and digital technology. The core stands for the analog mechanics inside the camera and the shell for a modern digital appearance. Furthermore the camera offers easy to handle ergonomics which satisfies professional as well as amateur photographers.

What is special?

The IKONA unites the two worlds of photography. It combines analogue and digital photography in one camera. In addition, a digital film, a so-called E-film, is used. This stores the digital images and is inserted into the camera instead of a 35 mm analogue film. The IKONA camera works mainly mechanically. This means that the photographer has to manually rewind the shutter in both analogue and digital mode. Only the sensor, the image converter and the automatic exposure control are operated by rechargeable batteries. All settings are adjusted using the adjustment wheels on the top of the camera. Emphasis was placed on a user-friendly operation and a fast way to control the camera. This manual way of photographing aims to help photographers focus more on the essentials of photography; the picture.

What is new?

The IKONA uses in digital mode an E-film, which is a digital storage medium suitable for the IKONA camera. The shape of an E-film is based on an old 35mm film. It consists of a film can in which a storage medium is inserted, which is coupled via a rolling ribbon cable to a USB-C port. If you want to take digital photos with the IKONA, you have to insert the E-film like an analogue film into the camera. Once full, it must be connected to a digital terminal to save the images and afterwards be formatted and reused.