Nomadische Übungen

Julian Bühler, Konstanze Essmann, Johannes Schlüter

Juli / July - 2018

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg


The nomadic exercises are a course program for learning and strengthening nomadic abilities. Practical and theoretical trainings are designed to test the applied nomadism of the future for six different topics.

What is the Topic?

Due to climatic changes, the global disaster control is being equipped with objects to secure settlement and property. We (the trainers) believe that over the next decades a new way of self-protection will be needed to cope with disasters. Therefore we want to develop a concept of nomadism as an alternative life model to no longer react to catastrophes, but to be able to live far away from/with catastrophes. This model requires a new broad infrastructure and a way of life for each individual. After all, it requires mobility and flexibility instead of sedentariness.

Why does it look like this?

In order to explain the subject/collect the participants' thoughts, an explanatory diagram was created in which the assumed future scenario is described and the necessary nomadic way of thinking is broken down. After the instruction, the instructors lead through the practical exercises. At the end there is a final discussion in which the participants reflect on their experiences. The courses were held in a classical seminar room and are independent of location except for the course objects.

What is special?

Through the course program, participants will question their way of thinking and perspective in relation to future life models. Considering a difficult inhabitable atmosphere due to increasing environmental catastrophes, /In view of an atmosphere that is increasingly difficult to inhabit due to increasing environmental disasters, new concepts of housing, mobility and the dissolution of habits will be required. The nomadic exercises are the first step in the development of the designable problem area/ Training within the nomadic exercises is the first step in the development of this creative problem area.

What is new?

For the nomadic exercises we use different media according to need and concern. Unlike classical design projects, this project/ these do not create objects, but processes. The design aims at the creation or strengthening of specific ways of thinking, which represent vital know-how for the nomads of the future.