Lena Huber

April / April - 2019

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach


The project „tuuls“ contains of three hand-near eating tools: a metal cutting tool, a glas scooping tool and a wooden grabbing tool. The tools aim to stimulate the sensens and thus create a sensitiv atmosphere when eating.

What is the Topic?

Eating with all our senses does not only make a difference for a good health, it also increases culinary delight. The conscious, haptic discovery and aware experience of the tools sharpen the senses for eating. This builds the foundation for a careful and aware handling of all aspects of ingestion. tuuls bridge the gap between the human being and its food and at the same time stimulate interaction between diners. The objects’ various materials, surfaces and the shape encourage users to “grasp” the tools. Scooping, grasping and cutting of food are at the observation’s center and basis for the design.

Why does it look like this?

Each object consists of the same form: the circle. The circle describes the form of our palm and creates a connection between the hand as the first of all tools and the new designed objects. The basic gestures dividing, scooping and grabbing define the tools' functions. The conscious discovery of form and haptic quality of the objects leads to their functions. The cultural background is not important because the basic gestures of eating do not depend on cultural background.

What is special?

The conscious discovery of "tuuls" is the base for a careful handling of consistency, taste and all the other aspects of eating. The conscious handling of the tools aims to create a conscious handling of food and this leads to a better understanding for our bodies and a stronger connection to what we eat. This is very important when we want to enjoy what we eat.

What is new?

We all eat - how we eat and which tools we use is very different. In the project "tuuls" the human and all his senses are the center of interest. The tools are not only meant to help with eating but their surprising design aims to start a dialogue.