Valentin Koller

Januar / January - 2018

Hochschule Hannover


The furniture collection STÖRENFRIED combines vandalism and design and creates a playful examination with the product and its function. A reduced design directs the focus to the function of the products and forces the user to take aware of it.

What is the Topic?

Through the everyday phenomenon of vandalism, everyone has the opportunity to influence their surroundings, regardless of gender, age or social status in society. By disregarding rules and current norms, vandals succeed in developing innovations and creatively appropriating changes in society. Vandalism that pursues this intention, however, always requires both intensive and playful engagement with oneself and one's environment.

Why does it look like this?

With the STÖRENFRIED collection, the playful character of vandalism was transferred to the design process in order to generate innovative ideas and rethink the archetypical functions of the respective products. The reduced design of the collection brings the respective function of the product to the fore and emphasises the necessary interplay between function and user.

What is special?

The missing front legs of the chair may seem insecure at first glance. However, if the user dares to sit on the chair and uses his own legs to prevent falling forwards, he will notice that, contrary to all expectations, the chair is comfortable to sit on. If you place something on the side table, the table top lowers by up to 2 cm, depending on its weight, causing irritation to the user. At the same time, a neon-yellow edge is created in the outer area of the tabletop, which visually prevents objects from slipping down and conveys a feeling of security. The storage of objects thus becomes a very conscious moment in which the user intensively examines the function of a side table. If there is not enough water in the flower vase, it tilts to the side and signals to the user that water has to be refilled.

What is new?

The STÖRENFRIED collection shows that it is possible to transfer a social phenomenon such as vandalism, which is generally perceived as destructive, to the creative process of product design. In order to creatively appropriate changes in society and create innovations, a designer must constantly question existing norms and rules and overcome them. To be able to understand situations holistically, however, requires, as here implemented in the design of a furniture, an intensive examination of oneself and one's environment.