Mastering the Mold

Laureanne Kootstra

Oktober / October - 2018

Universität der Künste Berlin


“Mastering the Mold” consists of two projects that are combining analog and digital mold making. The first project is a series of porcelain Vases that are created with 3D printed mastermolds and the second project is a chair & stackable planter that is created out of CNC-milled master molds.

What is the Topic?

"Mastering the mold" explores the combination of analog and digital moldmaking in the small/medium sized ceramic workshop. The master molds were created with a CNC milling machine and a 3D-printer. By focussing on the master molds and not on the positive form the process that is needed to create plaster molds is shortened. By embracing digitalisation the small/ medium sized workshop can continue to work with their hands and use digital help where needed and use it to their advantage.

Why does it look like this?

The aesthetics of the vases and the box show the process of a digital and analog craftsman. The seams on the fine vases and the patterns show the modular 3D printed master molds that were used. The size and aesthetics of the chair reflects the usage of the CNC-milling machine

What is special?

In larger ceramic workshops and factories you have had machines for a longer time. The arrival of digital technologies in the smaller and medium sized workshop is a fairly new development. The use of technology gives you the possibility to work accurately, accessible and to keep the price low, and stay competitive. By working analog and digital you can create items that have the best of both worlds. You can have the advantages of technology combined with the warmth, variety and personal touch of handwork

What is new?

The master molds created in this project can be casted with plaster, this gives the opportunity to quickly reproduce the molds. By shortening the mold making process time and money can be saved. By adding digital steps into the mold making process it opens up the production to open-source scenarios. It will also be easier to outsource by sharing the CAD drawings. The usage of the 3D printer and the CNC-milling machine are translated into these two ceramic series that resemble the modern craftsman.