Anemone Mimi

Lisa Effertz

April / April - 2018

Folkwang Universität der Künste


Anemone-Mimi is a cuddly object that invites parents and children to spend more time together. It helps to integrate a ritual and more routine into everyday life. Mimi is a safe retreat where you can rattle, cuddle and play, share experiences, emotions and successes.

What is the Topic?

The project is intended to contribute to increasing the well-being of divorce children. Divorce is a major emotional burden on both children and parents. The latter are often overwhelmed with new responsibilities and feelings, and can not meet the child's needs to the extent that it is necessary. The child, on the other hand, is confused and has to put up with a situation she never wanted. Safety, security and routine are quickly lost in everyday life. The product helps to strengthen these aspects in stormy times.

Why does it look like this?

The product resembles a sea anemone in its appearance. An unusual animal, which children still know for example by the "rainbow fish" or "finding Nemo". It makes an inviting and friendly impression - the fringes and quirks of the blanket can be discovered, you can pull on it, twirl or braid it. The activity with the hands can help to talk about unpleasant topics and reduce nervousness. On the other hand, the blanket should be soft and cuddly, so that parents and children like to hide in it together.

What is special?

The product consists of a pouch with a cozy blanket inside. Packed together, the product can be placed as a beanbag in the nursery and thus has even while it is not used presence. The ritual begins with the unpacking and ends with the folding of the blanket, so that the beginning and the end of the ritual are clearly marked. It does not always require factual explanations in emotional times, such as a divorce situation - it is really important for children to be accepted and have the safety to be loved. This feeling can be given over shared time and physical closeness - thereby Mimi supports the parents.

What is new?

There are various offers to help parents in the separation with the conversation with the children and give tips on how to deal with them. For children, there are therapeutic measures, one-on-one talks or play groups for divorce children. The range of picture books on separation situations and the accompanying problems is also great. In my opinion, however, there is a lack of tangible methods that can take place directly at home and the everyday needs of children for connectedness and routine to satisfy. This is exactly where Mimi comes in and sets himself apart from other offers.