Kulturelle Unterrichtungstafeln

Julian Bühler, Johannes Schlüter, Konstanze Essmann

Juni / June - 2018

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg


The project „Kulturelle Unterrichtungstafeln“ consists essentially of: 1. Request to amend the guidelines for a nationwide system of tourist information boards (sign 386.3), addressed to the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI). 2. an exemplary, two-part model, referring to the request for changes in the application.

What is the Topic?

As information medium for culture and history, the so-called "Touristischen Unterrichtungstafeln" were incorporated into the German road network in 1980. Since then, legal gaps have been increasingly made use of in order to soften the shape and stringency, content and form of the signs. Among other things, the road signs today also serve to advertise snow arenas and in some places come close to a "sign forest". It lacks an essential setting and needs a reassessment.

Why does it look like this?

gruppepraxis calls for the implementation of an expanded, knowledge- and socially-oriented concept of culture. In addition to material forms of expression, culture also includes the social institutions and mental dispositions that make the production of cultural artefacts possible in the first place. In order to locate these manifold artefacts and to give them a platform as well as attention, we plead for rewriting the "Touristischen Unterrichtungstafeln" and to give them a new setting. The new signs shall be called "Cultural Information Boards". The design action is mimetically based on given guidelines and standards.

What is special?

What is special in this case is design as a discourse approach, whereby the actual aesthetic shape is reduced to a normative form.

What is new?

"Cultural information boards" are intended to set an impulse to explore the culture on site. In addition to haptic artefacts, this culture also appears in the form of ideas or in the form of text. We expand the understanding of culture to include social components and the negotiation of these. "Kulturelle Unterrichtungstafeln" aren't allowed to: - be advertising for commercial providers - be just advertising for cities - generalize (for example neologism) - culturalize "Kulturelle Unterrichtungstafeln" should: - Locate cultural artefacts - Set new impulses to explore culture on site - Pointing out social places (theatre,...) - Refer to European