LEITLICHT / leading light

Nicole Fleisch

August / August - 2018

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar


"Leading light" is a table lamp in two versions and optionally also as a floor lamp with several glass-light elements implemented.

What is the Topic?

Two historical product developments reinterpreted and connected. Schusterkugel and Fresnellinse. Modern / contemporary electric light sunk in water or liquid. The physical laws of optics explored in experimental curiosity and merged. Light bundled and deliberately directed. In what way can I, as a designer, give shape to the medium of light? Can light be tamed? Likewise the material glass, in its direct connection with the optics, it is a challenging matter for me as a product designer. What is possible in the manufactory production of glass objects that allow less a random but a deliberately technically constructive light shaping. The

Why does it look like this?

The shape of the glass has evolved through experimental studies and the applicability of the tool in glass manufacturing. Expiring tangentially, the filled glass object lies with its lid on the thin round steel pair, which serves as plus and minus pole in the circuit. In the low voltage range, this is so feasible. The circular arc of the rods is not closed to allow the glass body clearance. Optically to oppose the gravity and functional for handling. In order to make the statics of this construction sufficiently load-bearing, a stone slab, in the superficial circular form in the total

What is special?

Innovations in product design are often associated with "electro" technical developments. Leitlicht is innovative because, as a luminaire, it essentially supports the design of the light. Physical discoveries from past centuries, which have more or less taken a back seat, are creatively linked and reinterpreted.

What is new?

Physical amplification or bundling of light by water or liquids. Compared to light objects, in which light from a hollow glass body diffuses outward in a more or less uncontrolled manner, the light design of Leitlicht will bring together the combination of light rays and selectively redirect light beams, bringing another, new design level of the light design into focus.