Natalie Peter

Juli / July - 2018

Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe


Feelflight is the idea of a set of physical and digital products which is intended to expand the existing range of services for passengers on long-term flights. A passenger blanket has been redesigned both formally and in terms of its textile functions, complemented by movement-stimulating slippers and infotainment services.

What is the Topic?

"Feelflight" presents a concept dedicated to increasing the well-being of passengers on long-haul flights. The context of passenger long-haul flights is extremely demanding for any design intervention in two regards: Firstly, the environment in which products can be used and placed is extremely regulated and optimized by airlines for weight reduction, safety and manageability. Secondly, the users, the passengers, experience long-haul flights generally as physically and mentally distressing.

Why does it look like this?

The passenger blanket, traditionally designed as a rectangular scarf, has been formally differentiated into a cape that the passenger can "wear". The backside was deliberately spared out, since it is not necessary due to the seated position. This furthermore allows the passengers to "put on" the blanket while remaining seated. Optionally, a neck pillow can be embedded in the collar. Two slots on the front allow the passenger free maneuverability with the hands. They also allow for an external and therefore visible positioning of the seat belt, so passengers do not have to be woken up in case of turbulence.

What is special?

In addition to the more ergonomic design of a passenger blanket a special feature is in the implied scenario of a digital interconnection of both on-board accessories. Both products would be controlled via the in-flight menu of the on-board computer and vice versa. For example, the passenger can activate via the screen interface thermal modules, which can be inserted at specifically positioned pockets of the passenger cape. They enable the passenger to "heat up" their blanket - regardless of their sitting position in the aircraft. Likewise, the slippers, which can be worn during the flight not only for the sake of comfort can be activated via the InFlight menu.

What is new?

Basically, Feelflight represents with only few products a re-imagined passenger environment that is of a better design standard and at the same time fits easily into the literally narrow scope. The airline will thus be given new opportunities to increase the well-being of its passengers and to stand out. The functionalities shown here are purely examples of future possibilities of interactions to be applied to on-board accessories.