Freia Achenbach

Februar / February - 2019

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart


A series of everyday objects:„Spotlight“,whose light reflection wanders through the room,highlighting different compositions of shapes and surfaces."Dancing Brooms“ that through their dysfunctional form,challenge the user to rethink and the shelf „Spectator“ that has many faces that can only be recognized at second glance.Together they transform their surrounding into a surrealscenery.

What is the Topic?

The subject is illusion. Starting from the psychological definition that illusion is a misinterpretation of actual sensory perceptions, the question arose for me as to where illusionistic potentials lie that allow us to experience and discover the haptic world anew. But also how we can directly change our reality through fantasy and consciousness. With the help of the designed objects, a surreal atmosphere is to be created in order to strengthen the imagination of the viewer, to bring him to his limits of perception and thus to blur the boundaries between illusion and reality.

Why does it look like this?

The objects are inspired by the theatre,the place where the illusion is artfully played with.The 'dancing brooms' describe the actor on stage, their curved broomsticks create a sensory stimulus that can be associated with the movements of the dance.The lamp symbolizes the spotlight,the light of which wanders across the stage,bringing the play to life.The lamp is minimalist and focuses on the readability of the functional components.The lamp itself steps into the background to focus on the reflection and the environment it illuminates.The spectator is the shelf. The amorphous shape gives the impression that something lively is hidden behind the object.

What is special?

Three everyday objects were processed and each object was given a metaphorical task that goes far beyond the actual "practical" functioning.As with many objects, we hardly consciously perceive the interaction, since our eye and body have long become accustomed to their handling.But it is precisely these all too familiar things that, due to their self-evidence, shape cultural perception, thought and action patterns.The use of the dancing brooms is a mystery,which requires a rethinking and another interaction. It is special that they remain upright.The meditative activity of the sweeping is continued by the balancing act in an unapplied state.The light illuminates only sections of the room and limits the accustomed environment.This leaves room for imagination and creates a more conscious perception of the environment.The shape of the shelf is intended to stimulate the projection mechanism.The individual parts of the shelf interlock in such a way that they stabilize each other.

What is new?

The work is associative and playful. The task of the objects is rather to stimulate the mind and to make the user question what we understand as "absolute". The primary purpose of the objects, such as removing dirt, illuminating space or providing storage space, is not to be suppressed, but rather to focus on the perception and questioning of what we assume to be reality, thus addressing the educational power of design and demonstrating how important a playful approach to everyday situations can be.