Steffen Mißfeldt bei Prof. Martin Postler (Entwurf) und Prof. Dr. Annika Frye (Theorie)

Februar / February - 2019

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel


"Uniwake" is a popular sports equipment in wake-sports, where athletes are standing on a floating body and is towed on the water surface. It enables the largest possible participation in this sport, by a new driving style and perspective, an independ assembly and disassembly, adaptability and stable use of hydrofoils.

What is the Topic?

My topic is the Inclusion in wake-sports. The aim is to achieve an equal participation for people with paraplegia. The athlete shouldn't be reduced to his handicap. It is important to recognize the diversity of people as a creative potential and to incorporate the idea of inclusion in sports in a way, that it creates living environments to be useful to all. In this context the focus is not to shape a tool, but to design a superior mean of transportation which is meaningful to all user. Only through this each individual is getting the chance to become an insider.

Why does it look like this?

The "Uniwake" is primarily a wide sports equipment and should bring fun. The design should give the user a feeling of weightlessness and freedom. This feeling is reinforced by the user taking the user over the water surface through the hydrofoils and the resulting possible high speed. The calm and unresistant gliding on the water, a sportive dynamic and the character of wake-sports should be incorporated visually into the design. Due to the interesting combination of a visual perspective, a new driving position on ones chest, tested by myself, and a hover effect, the user gets a feeling to fly.

What is special?

The Uniwake is interesting for every wake-athelete by its design and its special way of use, as well as a new driving perspective in the wake-sports. People with paraplegia are no longer separated by their handicap and the dedicated equipment. The widespread and public use of the Uniwake can open up many new opportunities and chances in the general view of today's design, as well as to the society and social levels. The Uniwake can take advantage of the great potential of the wake-sports and promote it. The strength of the Uniwake is in the community, the support of living out and sharing experiences of a passion for the water sports. A wide range and use of the Uniwake can help to prevent people from falling into the socially prescribed categories of physical abilities or even being excluded by non-compliance with constructed, normative bodily values.

What is new?

To create a superior wake-sports equipment for everyone, it's important to consider as many people as possible with their different physical conditions. It was an important prerequisite for equal participation of people with paraplegia to find a new driving position. It's important that no human is excluded because of his handicap. For this I have set up different concepts that avoid the involvement of the lower limbs. A driving position on the chest has been identified as the most effective. Also interesting is the change of the visual perspective due to the small distance between the torso and the water.