George Croissant

Juli / July - 2018

Fachhochschule Potsdam


Amba is a wash basin for the daily personal hygiene. It consists of a portable top basin and a bottom part. Similar to a kitchen counter it could be available in different dimensions.

What is the Topic?

Starting point of the bachelor thesis was the search for ways to personally contribute to the ecological transformation of our society with product design. The wash basin is only a sample object to back the theory with a real life application. The research showed early on that the environmental impacts of the usage outweigh those of production and material, because of the high amount of warm water usage. New ways to reduce the usage needed to be found.

Why does it look like this?

The wash basin is optimized for the daily personal hygiene, because it requires a lot less warm water then the daily shower. The basin is removable and can be carried with the two unobtrusive handles. It is also stable enough to sit on. The look-and-feel is a reminiscence of the classical bathtub of past centuries. The familiar appearance helps to avoid insecurities regarding it’s usage.

What is special?

The main goal of Amba is to reduce the daily shower to two/three times a week by using the wash basin for the daily hygiene. Reducing the required energy by offering an alternative practice and not with restrictions. All of that while staying well-groomed.

What is new?

There is probably no such thing as a „new wash basin“. The simple yet effective structure of the drain even lets it appear as a very common object everybody feels familiar with. But Amba is more than just an artifact. With the previously mentioned features it is optimized for the personal hygiene of the whole body.