Das Flüsterfon

Sarah Dudda

Oktober / October - 2018

Universität der Künste Berlin


THE FLÜSTERFON is a device with which one can transmit information via sound over a distance of up to 100 metres, that can only be heard by the targeted recipient. A kind of quiet megaphone. This device works using parametric loudspeaker technology, which unlike conventional speakers works using ultrasound.

What is the Topic?

Noise pollution is a serious problem these days – machines, cars, people screaming everywhere. What if it were possible to whisper from afar? Like Chinese whispers from 100 meters away? The Flüsterfon allows just that. Imagine for example at the pool It could be helpful for lifeguards. Loud announcements through a megaphone constantly disturb the bathers. But with the Flüsterfon it’s possible to address only the children jumping from the edge of the pool. Ultimately, the Flüsterfon would be helpful in any environment that is noisy enough to hinder the conveyance of information at a distance.

Why does it look like this?

The Flüsterfon, as it is now designed, is a prototype adapted to the technical components available to me. As soon as these change, become smaller and lighter, I would adapt the design accordingly. It is based on the Design of an old Video-Cam-Corder, that was positioned on the shoulder, so the weight of the battery is placed on the shoulder. The Front of the FLÜSTERFON will be held by one hand, that allows also, that you can aim your recipient easily and whisper your information to him.

What is special?

Parametric loudspeaker technology has existed for some time, but it is mainly used in a military context. Furthermore, one finds now occasional in museums and at value boards. However, I believe that ultrasonic speakers should be used to reduce noise pollution in many other fields.

What is new?

The Flüsterfon allows something that was previously impossible. Addressing a person over long distances without people in the environment being able to hear opens up many possible uses.