Ein Raum der Konvivialität / A space of conviviality

Silva Albertini

März / March - 2022

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


CONVIVIO is a spatial and conceptual intervention dedicated to convivial dining and gathering. The root of the word CONVIVIO means "living together" (lat. cum vivere) and is equally reminiscent of the table set with food (lat. convivium). Since ancient times, eating together has been a social act of fundamental importance, serving as a catalyst for the development of society. The way we eat has furthermore a direct impact on the production and distribution of resources. In this context, CONVIVIO represents an invitation to consciously take time for social eating as an act of social responsibility. An architectural solution in the form of a height-adjustable cupola, that hovers above the diners' table places the user in a space within a space, creating intimacy and inclusion. The sensorial perception is also altered by dining under the cupola, contributing to a valuable social experience. CONVIVIO represents a worldview and is a tribute to conviviality.