In 2019 the GDG Show took place at the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin. On display were the best Bachelor, Master and Diploma graduates 2018/2019 from 12 of the most renowned German Design Academies in the field of product and industrial design.

Award Winners

The German Design Graduates were supported by a number of prominent ambassadors from the field of culture and business with greencard programmes initiated especially for the German Design Graduates.

More than 20 prizes and grants were awarded by representatives of culture and business.


For 2019, twelve German universities formed the backbone of the organisation and provided financial support for the initiative.

In addition, the German Design Graduates were supported by ambassadors from culture and industry with cash prizes or green cards.

In 2019 the German Design Graduates Initiative was financially supported by sponsors such as the German Design Council, Ambiente and Nils Holger Moormann. The material sponsor was Swiss Krono.

Design Talks

Design Talks brought together designers, journalists, researchers, students and teachers to discuss issues of concern to young designers, the ambitious and multifaceted role of design, how design helps us address the major challenges of an exceptionally turbulent and threatening time, and how to communicate with and about design.


The first edition of the German Design Graduates was made possible by the initiative of many people. The corporate design, as well as the exhibition design and implementation of the exhibition was designed and implemented by students from FH Potsdam.