Helena Reinsch

Oktober / October - 2018

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach


KY / BO is a smart, simplified, modular bicycle. Its 24" tires offer agility and trouble-free transport in public transport. Docking sites enable modularity: transport of purchases and children is facilitated. The smart safety system, the integrated lighting, the electric motor and the navigation system make your daily routine pleasant.

What is the Topic?

More and more people are giving up cars in the city. Economic and ecological aspects are playing an important role. In addition to ideologies, consumers' needs are also relevant for mobility in urban areas. Therefore, the demands on a bicycle can be very different: the distances, the traffic connections, the family and the physical conditions accordingly. Various Needs were found out through surveys. Taking this into consideration, the design has emerged. Additionally Attention was paid to a no gender-coded bicycle (a ladies' or men's bike) was created. As gender-neutral as possible to no longer address only one gender.

Why does it look like this?

Integration on a bicycle saves time and eliminates the need for extra clamps and screws. The absence of external screws in addition means that the mechanism is secured against theft and dirt. The design includes many possibilities. To connect these form-fitting with each other was the goal. The frame, the stem, the handlebar, the fender and the brake levers are all matched to each other. The engine and the circuit are integrated in the bottom bracket, the removable battery and the lock in the frame, the display in the stem and the docking points for transport in the seat post.

What is special?

The frame geometry is special, as it is different from conventional bicycles. It is gender neutral and ergonomic at the same time. Each area of the bicycle has its own characteristics: the shape of the seat post, for example. Their shape simplifies assembly, as it determines the orientation of the saddle. The mudguard, which does not require many screws and yet is stably fixed to the frame. It is not an unimportant attachment and has received as much attention in the design as other areas. Therefore, it does not hang like a foreign object on an elegant product, like common mudguards does. But it is part of the whole concept. Another special feature are the docking points for transport. They allow two transport tools to be mounted one above the other. So parents can keep their child sitting on the child seat and still a porter for purchases fits.

What is new?

The frame geometry is new, the stem, in which the display and brake lever are integrated, is new, the folding lock unlocked and locked with fingerprint is new, a bicycle without a permanent carrier and still transportation is new, The possibility to wirelessly charge your mobile phone on the bike is new, the shape integration of the mudguards is new, the manufacturing method is new in bicycle construction.